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Lemon Sorbet & Peach Lemonade

Lemon Sorbet & Peach Lemonade


Lemon Sorbet & Peach Lemonade

All I have to say is WOW this smells absolutely gorgeous 🍋🍑

Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios with this unique and juicy lemonade concoction where lemon, lime and a splash of sweet orange are enhanced by soft peach, strawberry and an extraordinary burst of tongue-twisting sherbet. All of this rests on a sweet base of creamy vanilla, amber and soft woods.

All of our Products are:

▪️Highly scented & long lasting

▪️Fully Insured

▪️Fully CLP compliant

▪️ Handmade Soy Wax Melt

▪️ Vegan Friendly

▪️ Cruelty free

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