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Mystery bags

Mystery bags

🫧🌈🫧🌈🫧Mystery bags🫧🌈🫧🌈🫧

£10 each (worth over £10 plus more)

As these are always so popular I’m going to try keep them a regular thing 🙂. Will contain new, old scents & some I’m thinking of adding. Scents like Frosted Eucalyptus, strawberry & rhubarb, between the sheets plus lots more.

Will contain Wax melts, Room Sprays, snow wax, Reed diffusers PLUS lots more 😍😍

All of our Wax Melts are:

•Highly scented & long lasting

• Fully Insured

• Fully CLP compliant

• Handmade Soy Wax Melt

• Vegan Friendly

• Cruelty free

(Lots of happy customers & amazing reviews) xx

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